Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hosta Salad

What is this?

What happened to my big beautiful hosta?

I heard that snails like to eat them, but this doesn't look like the work of snails.

Buddy was using the weedeater over the weekend, but surely not...

I bet this is the work of my recent visitor.

before... after


Motherkitty said...

See, didn't I say that dear deer was darling and liked to dine on your divine plants, hostas included? I knew someone who had beautiful tulips planted around her yard. As she was leaving for church one Sunday morning, she noticed that all the red ones were flowerless. None of the other colors were touched. She also had a dear deer visit her that morning. Maybe your visitor just needed some fiber.

Finn said...

Could it be??? Do you suppose?? A Bambi Brunch?
Great pictures...love the surprise...*VBS*

jellyhead said...

oh, wow, a deer!!
Surely you can forgive the wee deer a wee spot of vegetative devastation?!

Anonymous said...

Awww - I know you can't be mad at such a cutie. :)