Saturday, January 7, 2006

Winter has its good points...

If someone was to ask me, at first I would probably say that winter is my least favorite of the seasons. It is cold, bleak, cold, colorless, cold, brown, cold, gray, cold, you get my drift. So I decided to find some good points of winter. First, I went out looking for some color, and found quite a lot! (see previous post)

Then I went walking on some trails we have here, by myself, and realized that this is the ONLY season I would do this. Any other time of the year I am too afraid to leave the yard by myself, afraid of snakes, bears, wary of poison ivy, just a wuss. So, here's what I learned that I like about winter:

No bugs
No snakes
No poison ivy
Hot chocolate
Cool weather for hiking
Views are better without leaves
Fire in the woodstove to back up to

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.


Finn said...

Unto each season, it's reason for being. Life, like the seasons, changes, and offers us something new at each stage. I especially like your other post, laugh, think, cry..*S*

Alipurr said...

hey, great points about winter. It makes me want to go for a hike...